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Location & MIP


Manisa Industrial Park (MIP) is Turkey’s prominent industrial park and is in connection with the world’s economy. MIP is industrial centered and have capability of creating perminant economic growth strategy and establishing and enforcing appropriate policies for the strategies. In this direction, MIP supports the competitive production of industrialists by reaching resources with sustainable and economic conditions and leads the transformation that will carry our country to the future.

Located in the heart of this important industrial area, The Fortyfive Business Hotel & Spa is a new investment planned by MIP to better serve its industrialists. Our hotel is located within the MOSPARK campus area and named after the province of Manisa. The Fortyfive Business Hotel & Spa meets an important need of the region with its comfortable and luxurious rooms, spa services and a restaurant with international cuisine. In addition, our hotel is designed to offer an unforgettable experience in your business trips, combined with the significant investments of MIP.

Combined with its location, services and significant investments of MIP, The Fortyfive Business Hotel & Spa is waiting to offer you an unforgettable experience on your business trips.

MIP, creates the future of production with clean energy and
respect of environment


Manisa Industrial Park (MOSB) was established in 1963 by the Manisa Chamber of Commerce as one of Turkey’s first organized industrial zones.

MOSB operates as the first organized industrial zone that produces its own energy and has a production license. One of MOSB’s main goals is to create an environmentally friendly industrial zone with zero carbon footprint. Values such as innovation, environmental awareness, social responsibility, reliability, and solution-oriented approach play a key role in MOSB’s vision of becoming a leading, innovative, and internationally recognized industrial zone with a high brand value.

MOSB’s potential for future growth and innovative approach will contribute to making Turkey a more competitive country on a global scale.


Corporate Social Responsibility

FortyFive Business Hotel & Spa and Manisa Industrial Park (MIP) are organizations that act with a sense of social responsibility. One of the corporate social responsibility projects of MIP, Z.E.K.İ. (Protected Workplace for Mentally Handicapped People) Life Center was established to develop basic life skills of individuals in need of special education, to ensure their adaptation to society, and to provide them with knowledge and skills for work and profession. Within the scope of supporting the employment of female employees and the responsibilities of the employers a day care home project was implemented and the MIP Kindergarden is established within the framework of the social responsibility understanding of our region.

FortyFive Business Hotel & Spa supports MIP’s social responsibility projects. As a business operating in the tourism sector, our hotel is involved in many projects and programs that are also of great importance for the sustainability of tourism. In this context, our hotel has developed a “Safe Tourism Certification Program”, which was prepared by the Ministry of Tourism in order to protect the guests and employees staying at the hotels at the highest level, together with the Covid-19 epidemic; Our hotel became the first hotel in Manisa to receive a “Safe Tourism Certificate” after the inspection by TSE.

Our hotel also leads the way in sustainable tourism by implementing environmentally friendly practices. The concept of a sustainable hotel is a concept that consumes less energy and water, reduces CO2 emissions, has a positive impact on global climate change, is built with environmentally friendly local and recyclable materials, and documents the social and environmental responsibility of its investor. FortyFive Business Hotel is in the 3rd stage of the sustainable tourism certificate project and adopts the value of environmental awareness by implementing environmentally friendly practices in this regard.


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